Meet the Three Amigos



We chose to do our final video project on introductions of ourselves. The video was filmed with an IPad and external microphone. We also used an IPhone SC to take some video and pictures. We used Adobe premiere on a IMac computer to edit our entire video. The video was filmed outside and in the basement of Stewart hall at the KVSC on campus radio station. During the video, all three of us included why we choose St. Cloud State, our anticipated majors, and what we hope to do with them.

The music used in this video is “Passing”
By: Boris Nonte and Ronni Shaw from Killer, licensed under Killer Tracks
Shot List:

0:00 Shot 1- Main title slide introduction

0:06 Shot 2- Close up talking clip

0:35 Shot 3- Zooming motion image of Jay Huston

0:41 Shot 4- Angled talking clip

1:17 Shot 5- Zooming upward image of Caleb Forberg

1:29 Shot 6- Pan then zoom video of KVSC forum

1:38 Shot 7- Close up video of Caleb Forberg

1:44 Shot 8- Still image of Caleb Forberg cooking

1:50 Shot 9- Close up talking clip of Thomas Breach

2:45 Shot 10- Still image of KVSC sports

2:51 Shot 11- Still image of time card

2:56 Shot 12- Roll into end credits
Required Applications and Gear:

We used Adobe Premiere and an IPad with the help of an IPhone SC. External microphone on the IPad and IMac computer for our editing software. We included text and at least nine different camera shots that you will see from watching the video.


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